Improvements to the Snow and Rain Provisions of ASCE Manual 7

Revisiting the 1994 National Enviornmental Pendulum Conference

Interaction Between Professionals and the Public

Assessing Community Attitudes and Perceptions: Methods Every Professional Should Know

Optimization of the Surfactant Enhanced Pump-and-Treat Remediation Systems

Electronic Journals: ASCE's Present and Future Plans

Impacts of NAFTA on the Practice and Licensing of Civil Engineers

Active and Hybrid Structural Response Control of Building Structure

Effect of Temperature Change on Active Control of Nonlinear Piezothermoelectric Plates

Receptivity of Unbounded Granular Shear Flow to Periodic External Forces

Reliability-Based Optimal Control of MDOF Structures

Modeling, Simulation and Analysis of Active Control of Structures with Nonlinearities Using Neural Networks

Hybrid Liquid Damper for Structural Control

Optimal Control of Beam Vibration Suppression

Experimental Study of an Active Mass Driver Using Acceleration Feedback Control Strategies

Design of Hybrid Control Systems for Building Structures

ASCE Annual Combined Index 1994
The 1994 ASCE Annual Combined Index provides a guide to materials appearing in publications of ASCE published during 1994. This includes papers and technical notes from ASCE technical...

ASCE Official Register 1995
The OFFICIAL REGISTER is published annually to provide ready access to governing documents, statistics, and general information about ASCE for leadership, members, and staff. It includes...

Transactions of the American Society of Civil Engineers 1994
Transactions of the American Society of Civil Engineers Vol. 159, 1994 contains abstracts for all ASCE journal papers and technical notes,...

PR Prescription
Image and reputation are powerful tools for professional services firms competing in today's marketplace. The ability to win projects, enter new markets and attract key employees...





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