The Changing Role of the Civil Engineer in the Past 25 Years

Civil Engineers Influencing Public Policy
The papers in this proceedings were presented at the ASCE Annual Convention held in Washington, DC, November 10-14, 1996. They were prepared in celebration of the 25th anniversary, the...

Does ASCE Have a Responsibility to Mandate Continuing Education?
This paper won the Mead award for a paper by a younger member of ASCE. He notes that there is an exponential explosion of technology and knowledge and that more demands and higher expectations...

Indirect Marketing
The various efforts which enable you to present yourself or your firm to a large audience, either in person or by mail, are termed indirect marketing/' The tools of this type...

The Psychology of Business Development
A successful marketing-oriented firm that is service-minded will have its entire staff involved in selling at different levels. This includes how phones are answered as well as how proposals...

Marketing budgets vary greatly from company to company. They will be much larger, when you calculate labor as a percentage of total marketing costs, for smaller firms than larger ones....

Water Quality Regs: Staying Ahead
After a century in which water utilities could stay well ahead of most regulations simply by being responsible, professional organizations, they now seem to be playing catchup in a game...

Flushing of Polyaromatic Hydrocarbons from Soil Using SDS Surfactant

Bioremediation of Phenol Contaminated Soil

Effect of Clay and Biosurfactant on the Biodegradation of Toluene

Environmental Geotechnology - Examples of Where We Are And How We Got Here

The Urge to Merge
A report issued in 1994 by the Professional Services Management Association offers a glimpse into the world of mergers and acquisitions in the architecture/engineering industry, through...

The Great Texas Prison Caper
The Texas Department of Criminal Justice, under court order to relieve prison overcrowding, worked with a team of six construction management firms and a building fabrication/erection...

Applying Marine Simulation to Improve Mariner Professional Development

Seismic Evaluation Using ASCE 11-90

Empowerment of Structural Engineers Through Local Organizations: Structural Engineers Coalition of Connecticut

Tools for the Structrual Engineers Practice

Development of the New ASCE-SFPE Standard for Structural Design for Fire Conditions

Proposed Wind Load Provisions for ASCE 7-95

Revisions to ASCE 7 Provisions for Dead Loads, Live Loads, Soil and Hydrostatic Pressure for 1995





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