Seismic Active Control by a Heuristic-Based Algorithm

A Strategy for Active Control of Tall Civil Structures Using Regenerative Electric Actuators

Time Delayed Control of Classically Damped Structures

Stability of Actively Controlled Civil Engineering Structures with Actuator Saturation

A New Semi-Active Control Device for Seismic Response Reduction

Maximizing Resources to Produce High Quality Results

Building an International Community of Structural Engineers
This proceedings, composed of two volumes, contains the papers presented at the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) Fourteenth Structures Congress held in Chicago, Illinois, USA,...

Building Code Requirements for Masonry Structures (ACI 530-95/ ASCE 5-95/TMS 402-95); Specification for Masonry Structures (ACI 530.1-95/ ASCE 6-95/TMS 602-95); Commentary on Building Code Requirements for Masonry Structures (ACI 530-95/ ASCE 5-95/TMS 402-95); Commentary on Specification for Masonry Structures (ACI 530.1-95/ ASCE 6-95/TMS 602-95)
Copublished with American Concrete Institute (ACI) and The Masonry Society (TMS) Building Code Requirement for Masonry Structures,...

Strategies for Remediation Managers
Since the early 1980s the environmental business has focused on avoiding loss. Today the industry is experiencing a paradigm shift toward creating value, and this is impacting the way...

Sticking with the Web
After a slow start, engineers are rapidly claiming their territory on the World Wide Web. Here's a look at what they're doing and what they hope to gain—along...

Managing Multi-Degree-of-Freedom Systems in Structural Fuzzy Control

Effect of Uncertainty on an Active Mass Damper System

Active Vibration Control of Double Wall Composite Shells to Random Inputs

The Status of Cold Regions Research

Cold Temperature Nutrient Removal from Wastewater

New Address for the 21st Century
The purchase of the office building in Reston, Virginia, that will be the society's new headquarters is described. The decision to buy property was made in April 1993, candidate...

Engineering Ethics
Recent revelations about the 1978 emergency retrofit of the Citicorp Center in New York City sparked an assessment of ethical dilemmas by the structural engineering community. In May 1995,...

Are There Benefits to Continuing Professional Development?
This paper was selected as the Mead student paper winner for 1996. The author defended the position that continuing professional development should be a priority for all engineers and...

The Use of Surfactants to Remediate NAPL-Contaminated Aquifers

Mechanisms of Removal of Residual Dodecane Using Surfactant Foam





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