Some Issues Associated with the Use of Small-Scale Tracer Tests to Determine Aquifer Parameters

Instrumentation of Reinforcement, Separation and Drainage Geosynthetic Test Sections Used in the Reconstruction of a Highway in Maine

Engineering Cold Regions Maintenance Equipment for the 21st Century

Knowledge-Based Systems Applications for Intelligent Transportation Systems

Pre-Instrumented Riverbank Slide

Geotechnical Instrumentation for a Megaproject

Displacements of Structures and BART Tunnels Caused by Construction of MUNI Metro Turnback in San Francisco

Monitoring Construction Vibrations

Surcharge of Phosphatic Waste Clay with Strip Drains

Deep Excavations in Mexico City Soft Clays

A Model for Imaging Assisted Automation of Infrastructure Maintenance

Interpretation and Aggregation of Spatially Detailed Sensor Data on Pavement Condition

Transparent Soils to Image 3D Flow and Deformations

Future Directions for Improving Seismic Risk Reduction Practice for Ports

Detecting Bridge Scour by Measuring the Thermal Variation Across the Stream Bed

Nondestructive Assessment of Unknown Bridge Condition

System Identification Analyses of Shake Table Test and Field Data

Design and Construction of Earth Retaining Systems
This proceedings, Design and Construction of Earth Retaining Systems, contains papers presented at sessions sponsored by the Geo-Institute...

Embedded Sensors for Improved Early-Warning Emergency Response to Damaged Structures

Internet-Based Monitoring of Remote Instrumented Structures: Java Applets Etc.





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