Bridge Scour During the 1993 Floods in the Upper Mississippi River Basin

Monitoring the Health of Civil Infrastructure

Cross-Shore Transport Processes during Onshore Bar Migration

Tracing Sediment Dispersal on Nourished Beaches: Two Case Studies

Detailed Field Measurement of Scour Processes During Floods

Instrumentation for Detailed Bridge-Scour Measurements

Laboratory Evaluation of a Conductivity Probe for Scour Monitoring

Status of Scour Instrumentation Development

Scour Monitoring at Johns Pass and Nassau Sound, Florida
Scour monitoring instruments were installed on two bridges spanning tidal inlets in Florida as part of a research project to develop scour instrumentation. Previous prototype installations...

Use of Embedded Expert Systems in Wave Gages

The SCAWVEX Project

Nondestructive Assessment of Unknown Bridge Condition

Not Your Father's Strain Gauge
A new type of strain gauge incorporates smart memory methods to assess changes in structures. Inexpensive, easy to install and durable, these gauges are passive peak strain sensors, which...

Engineering Cold Regions Maintenance Equipment for the 21st Century

Knowledge-Based Systems Applications for Intelligent Transportation Systems

Monitoring Construction Vibrations

Deep Excavations in Mexico City Soft Clays

Design and Construction of Earth Retaining Systems
This proceedings, Design and Construction of Earth Retaining Systems, contains papers presented at sessions sponsored by the Geo-Institute...

Transparent Soils to Image 3D Flow and Deformations

AVI and WIM Technologies for Section Probe Data





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