Pavement Subdrainage Instrumentation in Indiana: A Case Study

Field Measurements of Tracer Gas Transport Induced by Barometric Pumping

X-Ray and Visible Light Transmission as Two-Dimensional, Full-Field Moisture-Sensing Techniques: A Preliminary Comparison

A System for Measuring Moisture Transients in Clay-Based Barrier Materials

Design of an Intermediate-Scale Experiment to Validate Unsaturated-Zone Transport Models

A Wax-Coupled Borehole Seismic Detector for High-Resolution Measurements
A triaxial borehole seismic detector was developed for high-resolution measurements at frequencies up to 2,000 Hz. Applications for this detector include three-component shallow reverse...

Flow in a Model Symmetric Bifurcation
Flow through bifurcations is of particular interst to the field of hemodynamics and respiration dynamics. In this paper flow through a model symmetric bifurcation is studied experimentally...

Measuring Vibration in an Advanced Composite Beam with Localized Internal Fiber-Optic Strain Sensors
Two optical fibers embedded with different configurations were used separately as strain sensors to measure the natural frequencies and modal amplitudes of a cantilevered graphite/bismaleimide...

A New Era in Space Operations
The United States has embarked on a bold new course in space. We are in the process of deploying global missile defenses which promises to help realize an extended era of international...

The Proposed NASA Lunar-Based Astronomical Observatories
The goals of the Space Exploration Initiative are a manned return to the Moon, a permanent lunar outpost and then a manned expedition to Mars. This presents an opportunity to construct...

Some Considerations for Instrumentation for a Lunar-Based Solar Observatory
Outstanding problems in solar physics, observational trends and directions of instrumental development in solar astronomy are discussed briefly. These lead to the specification of observational...

The Wide-Angle Optoelectronic Stereo Scanner WAOSS for the Soviet Mars 94/96 Missions
The Wide-Angle Optoelectronic Stereo Scanner WAOSS is anticipated for the Soviet Mars 94/96 missions. Starting from the tasks of WAOSS as a part of the TV complex ARGUS, the paper describes...

Lunar Farside, Mars Polar Cap, and Mercury Polar Cap Neutrino Experiments
Neutrino detection offers unusual Civil Engineering challenges for the inner Solar System, including: outposts and permanent bases on the Moon, a novel development within the polar caps...

Determination of Geotechnical Properties of Uranium Tailings

Design and Performance of Bath County Upper Dam and Reservoir Slopes

Performance of Test Fill Constructed on Soft Peat

Hydraugers at the Via de Las Olas Landslide

Geosynthetic Strength—Ultimate and Serviceability Limit State Design

Reinforced Soil-Cement Embankment

Piezometers in Earth Dam Impervious Sections (Paper introduced by R. W. Beene and Clifford LeRoy McAnear)





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