A Modern Electric Stepgauge for Accurate Wave and Tide Measurement

Silent Inspector - An Aid to Dredge Inspection

An Update on Dredge Instrumentation and Automation

The December 1992 Storm at the New York Mud Dump Site

New Techniques for Experimental Studies for Dredged Material Dispersion

Monitoring of a dredging operation using innovative sediment tracing techniques

Unsaturated Flow Experiment with Phase Change—The Heat Pipe Effect

Low Frequency Radio Astronomy from Earth or Lunar Orbit
Acquiring data at low frequencies is complicated by the fact that the ionosphere strongly disturbs the data, especially for high-resolution ground-based telescopes. The most viable observational...

Monitoring Gravel Movement Using Radio Transmitters
Radio transmitters were used to track the movement of coarse sediment particles in a mountain river during a period of high flow and high bed mobility. Transport was characterized by episodes...

Innovative Instrumentation for a Physical Model of River Ice Transport
Large physical models often require the use of innovative instrumentation and measurement techniques. Hydraulic models that attempt to simulate the effects of stationary ice covers put...

Performance of Wick Drains Installed by Vibration
Settlement and piezometer data from construction of fills on Route I-291 in South Windsor, CT is analyzed for total settlement and coefficient of consolidation. The results are compared...

Data and Prediction Request for the Spread Footing Prediction Event

Measuring Air Concentration in Flowing Air-Water Mixtures
This paper describes the use of an electrical conductivity probe to determine aeration of a plunge pool by an overfall nappe. The probe was calibrated using an apparatus designed to provide...

The Optimal Selection of Robot Modules for Space Manipulators
Monolithic robot systems are poorly suited to the broad requirements and uncertainties of space automation applications. Designers have considered building many robots, each of which can...

Using a Small Satellite Bus As a Dedicated Platform for On-Orbit CSI Experiments
Control-Structure Integration (CSI) technology will be needed for the success of many future space missions, however, this technology will not be seriously considered for use by program...

Vessel Positioning, Survey Controls and Dredge Monitoring Systems

Scoping the Monitoring Instrumentation to Meet Repository Design and Construction Needs
This paper discusses categories of instruments that are available and recommended for consideration to monitor the engineering performance and interactions of the geologic media, groundwater,...

Geotechnical Instrumentation for Repository Shafts
The United States Congress passed the Nuclear Waste Policy Act in 1980, which required that three distinctly different geologic media be investigated as potential candidate sites for the...

Summary of Questions/Answers and Panel Discussions on Session VI: Guidelines for Instrumentation and Monitoring

Engineering Applications for Fibre Optic Sensors





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