Spatial Resolution in Hydrologic Characterization

Assessment of the Performance of the SMERF Indoor Fire Facility with the Use of an Active Calorimeter

Guarding Against Scour
An overview of the magnitude of the bridge scour problem in the United States is presented, using recent bridge failures to illustrate the problem. Procedures and results from the ongoing...

Engineering a Landslide
A slope failure in northwest Alabama has been stabilized using a system of grouted INSERT piles to provide load transfer across the failure surface of the slide. This system, referred...

Instrumentation and Measurements of a Type-A Insert Wall

Seismic Response of the Operating Industries Landfill

Construction of Innovative Concrete Pavements

Predicting Liquefaction Response of Granular Soils from Pressuremeter Tests

Ataturk Dam - Hydrogeological and Hydrochemical Monitoring of Grout Curtain in Karstic Rock

Infiltration Characteristics and Soil Moisture Variability in a Sand Dune Area

Automated Weather Station Characterization and Documentation

Advanced Instrumentation for the Collection, Retrieval, and Processing of Urban Stormwater Data

Evaluation of Cone Penetrometer Grout Backfilling

Locating Inappropriate Discharges to Storm Drains

Exploration and Remediation of U.S. Route 189 Hoover Landslides

Geotechnical Monitoring of the OII Landfill

Aquifer Testing and Characterization at the Proposed Low-Level Radioactive Waste Disposal Site Hudspeth County, Texas

Piezoelectric Sensors and Resonators in Quartz

Experimental Design Using Long Gage Length Sensors

Assuring End-Game Integrity: Testbed Approach to Deployment of Detector Systems





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