Pseudo-Heterodyne Demodulation Technique for Fiber Bragg Grating Sensors: Application in Simultaneous Measurement of Temperature and Strain

Debris Flow Monitoring Activities in an Instrumented Watershed on the Italian Alps

Turbulent Scalar Flux Measurements Over Model Bivalves

Piezometer Assessments of Grenada Dam Outlet Structure Lead to Innovative Rehabilitations

Instrumented Monitoring and Nondestructive Evaluation of Highway Bridges

Solute Transport at the Borden Field Experiment: Grain- and Field-Scale Rate Limitations

Runway Instrumentation at Denver International Airportā€”Development of Database

Runway Instrumentation at Denver International Airport: Dynamic Sensor Data Processing

Automatic Control and Instrumentation

Advanced Strain Measurement Using Fiber Optic Grating Sensors for Civil Structure Applications

Inverse Modeling of Field Tracer Data to Characterize DNAPL Contamination

Embedded Sensors for Improved Early-Warning Emergency Response to Damaged Structures

A Flexible Machine-Vision System for Traffic Monitoring Applications

Marriage of Fiber Optic and Wireless Communications Supporting Intelligent Transportation Systems

Millimetre Radar System for the On-Board Lateral Distance Acquisition: Performances Evaluation and Infrastructure Constraints

Signal Processing Study for an FM/CW Collision Avoidance System

Estimation of Frequency-Dependent Reflection Coefficients Using Current and Elevation Sensors

Development of a Wireless Global Bridge Evaluation and Monitoring System (WGBEMS)

Photogrammetric Mapping
Technical Engineering and Design Guides, as adapted from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, No. 14. This manual provides procedures, minimum accuracy...

PC-Based Remote Monitoring of an Instrumented Structure: Case Study and Lessons Learned





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