Application of Virtual Prototyping to Bridge Deck Deterioration

Theory and Applications of Integrated Fiber Optic Sensors in Structures

Pseudo-Heterodyne Demodulation Technique for Fiber Bragg Grating Sensors: Application in Simultaneous Measurement of Temperature and Strain

Stress Analysis of Bond for Integrated Optical Fiber Sensors

Optical Analysis of Methods to Influence the Stress Distribution in Hoppers

High Dam Stabilization: City and State Reap Benefits

Reaeration Measurements Using a Methane Tracer at Six Dams in the Ohio River Basin

Instrumented Monitoring and Nondestructive Evaluation of Highway Bridges

Piezometer Assessments of Grenada Dam Outlet Structure Lead to Innovative Rehabilitations

Turbulent Scalar Flux Measurements Over Model Bivalves

Tracing Discharges in Ocean Environments Using a Rare Earth Tracer

Unconditional and Conditional Analysis of the Cape Cod Tracer Test

Solute Transport at the Borden Field Experiment: Grain- and Field-Scale Rate Limitations

Hot-Film Shear Stress Measurements in Laminar and Turbulent Flows

Discrimination Between Inertial and Macroviscous Flows of Fine-Grained Debris with a Rolling-Sleeve Viscometer

Debris Flow Monitoring Activities in an Instrumented Watershed on the Italian Alps

Automated Snow Avalanche Hazard Reduction

Runway Instrumentation at Denver International Airportā€”Development of Database

Runway Instrumentation at Denver International Airport: Dynamic Sensor Data Processing

Intelligent Civil Engineering Materials and Structures
This report surveys the interdisciplinary research activities focused on the applying new technologies to infrastructure systems. Traditional civil engineering tools are not sufficient...





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