A CDM-Based Approach to Stochastic Damage Growth

Probabilistic Modeling of Radiation Damage in Charge-Coupled Devices

Possibilities of Fracture Mechanics Models Application to Optimisation of Operational Use of Large-Size Machine Components

Reliability Based Design of Reinforced Earth Structures

Performance-Based Seismic Design of Building Structures

Calibration and Simulation of Non-Gaussian Translation Processes

Simulation of Multi-Dimensional, Multi-Variate, Non-Gaussian, Homogeneous Stochastic Fields with Applications to Soil Liquefaction

Random Elastic Response Characteristics of Bar Structures by Monte Carlo Simulation

Choice of Input Fields in Stochastic Finite Elements

Active Vibration Control of Double Wall Composite Shells to Random Inputs

Generalized Random Decrement Method for System Identification

Probabilistic Assessment of Miter Gates

A Probabilistic Framework for Brittle Fracture Assessments of Structures —Constraint and Ductile Tearing Effects

Hysteretic Response and Structural Reliability

Probabilistic Fatigue Life Analysis of High Density Electronics Packaging

Monitoring Stable Crack Propagation in Metals

Stochastic Modelling of River Geometry

Probabilistic Framework to Detect and to Identify Anomalies in Structures

Sensitivity Study of Waste Rollover Using Probabilistic Finite Element Analysis

A Finite Element Based Probability Contouring Method for Structural Analysis





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