The Role of Chronology in Long-Term Morphodynamics: Theory, Practice and Evidence

Comparing Static and Dynamic Transportation Models

Hydraulic Analysis Using FESWMS-2DH of the State Route 76 and Hatchie River Crossing in Brownsville, Tennessee

Probability Modeling of Surf Zone and Swash Dynamics

A Relook at Wave Height Statistics for Engineering Design

Probabilistic Risk Assessment of Water Systems Vulnerable to Tampering

Risk-Based Decision Making for Dam Safety

An Approach for Water Quality Management Using Simulations with Spatially Distributed Data

A Family of Analytical Probabilistic Models for Urban Stormwater Management Planning

Plunging Jet Measurement Improvements Using ADV

Rotational Water Supply System

Design Floods in River Networks

Spatial Variability of Soil Properties: Two Case Studies

Amplification of Strong Ground Motion and Damage Patterns During the 1994 Northridge, California, Earthquake

Seismic Ground Motion Studies for Assessing Failure Probability of an Earth Dam

Temperature Distribution Characteristics at Three LTPP Seasonal Monitoring Sites in Cold Regions

How Many Different Faces of Uncertainty in Civil Engineering?

Computer-Aided Project Control Approach Based on Risk Analysis

Development of a Site Corrective Action Cost Comparison Model Based on the ASTM RBCA Guide and Decision Theory

The California Marine Mammal Research Program of the Acoustic Thermometry of Ocean Climate Experiment: Potential Effects of Low Frequency Sound on Distribution and Behavior of Marine Mammals





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