Bidding–and Winning–In the Privatization Game

Who Do ASCE Members Work For?

Privatization and the Use of IVHS in the 1990s

Route 125 Public-Private Partnership Project in San Diego County, California

Intermodal Access

A High-Speed Rail Revolution in the US? Lessons from the French and the Texas TGV

LACTC Specialized Rail Transit Projects

The Foundation for a New Approach to Implement Building Innovation
Prepared by the Partnership for Building Innovation project, which is sponsored by CERF; National Institute of Standards and Technology; U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development;...

A Practical Application of Concession Schemes to Space Energy Projects
It has been shown in previous papers and studies that some of the financing schemes involving a mix of private and government funds, which are used for terrestrial large infrastructures,...

Puerto Rico Privatizes the Roads
The opening of Puerto Rico's Teodoro Moscoso Bridge in San Juan early in 1994 will usher in a new era of privately financed toll roads. The first product of the 1989 Private...

Cost Considerations in Planning Pier Terminals
The deregulation of the air transport economy is gradually leading to the involvement of private developers in airport terminal financing. Even the airports run by government agencies...

Public Involvement in Water Resources Management
Some thoughts on the use of public involvement, partnering, customer focus, and decision support systems in water management are presented....

The Role of Partnering and Public Involvement in the Lackawanna River Corridor Greenway Study
Development of partnerships and active public involvement programs has, in the past, been de-emphasized for the more traditional Corps studies. However, as the Corps continues to progress...

Water Reclamation Potential in Southern California to the Year 2010
This is a summary of plans and projections for future water recycling by Southern California public and private water and sewerage agencies involved in water recycling. The central purpose...

Administering a Regulated Riparian System of Water Rights
Western states, facing steadily increasing demands on limited water resources, have developed administrative regimes for regulating water use based on the judicially developed private...

The Channel Tunnel: Larger Than Life, and Late
The Channel tunnel opens in May, but passenger service will be delayed while final testing on trains and electrical systems are completed. The English Channel tunnel crossing is the world's...

The Evolving Role of Marinas as Public Marine Parks and Water Recreation Areas in Southern California 1960-1994

New Problems in Ground & Water Lease Administration

P3 for Marinas, Parks & Recreation

Waterfront Renaissance Racine, Wisconsin





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