Salvaging Streams
A public/private partnership between engineers and local agencies restored a suburban stream in Henrico County, Va., using bioengineering. Aided greatly by a volunteer workforce, the partnership...

Quarry Conversion
All over the country, old landfills are filling rapidly, and potential new sites—and public support for them—are in short supply. Cities are faced with increasing solid waste disposal...

Public Water in Private Hands
The nation's water utilities are becoming a battleground for control between private companies that want a share of the market and public employees who are bidding for their...

Water Shed Management: A Public-Private Partnership

The Regulation of the Private Provision of Water-Related Services in Latin America

Privatization Law and Water Institutions

FMUS Privatization

Mexico City Water Mapping Project: Exporting Technology to Mexico–Lessons Learned

Leonard's Law: The Albuquerque Theory of Financial Partnering

Barricades on the Roads
Many Build-Operate-and-Transfer schemes in developing economies have been less than successful. Here are pitfalls to avoid and recommendations for reaching a project's full...

To convert the Bergstrom Air Force Base into the Austin-Bergstrom International Airport, planners needed to overcome various technical, social, political and environmental issues. To coordinate...

Privatization of Federal Power

Privatizing Federal Hydropower Projects

Hydroelectric Power Generation - Privatization and Private Development - The Role of the Independent Engineer

Uncertainty Analysis of a Water Resources System in a Competition and Privatization Environment

Road to the Future
Construction of the San Joaquin Hills Transportation Corridor, winner of the 1997 ASCE Outstanding Civil Engineering Award of Merit, resulted in one of the most successful public/private...

Infrastructure Visionaries
The city of Indianapolis is investigating the long-term structural integrity of its infrastructure, in an unusual effort for U.S. municipalities. Most cities are strapped for cash and...

An Update of Taiwan High Speed Rail (HSR) Project

Solving the Innovation Puzzle
Challenges Facing the U.S. Design & Construction Industry
This book provides a first-hand perspective of innovation in the design and construction industry. Solving the Innovation Puzzle outlines the...

Westlake Farms Demonstration Wetlands A Cooperative Effort
This paper describes the process for establishing a wetlands complex to evaluate environmental issues that could not be answered without the operation of a large demonstration project....





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