Wastewater Systems — A Privatization Perspective

Express Buses: Private Sector to the Rescue
Declining subsidies and rising costs are endangering express bus services which have been highly successful in competing with the private auto. A system concept with private carriers operating...

Urban Highway Financing Mechanisms and Policies
This paper explores the urban transportation financing crisis, surveys existing State and local mechanisms for urban highway financing, explores emerging financing mechanisms, and addresses...

Coastal Zone Management on the West Coast: An Evaluation

The Commons Concept and Coastal Management

Title Settlements in San Francisco Bay Historic Wetlands Using the Land Bank Method

Who Owns the Beach

Privately Funded Beach Vegetation Program

Public Access and Public-Private Partnerships

New Directions in Restoration of Coastal Wetlands

SANTA ANA: Flood Control Planning in the Coastal Zone

Tidelands Ownership and Management: The Public Interest and Private Property Rights in New Jersey

Regulation of Engineers in California
State-administered certification programs for the engineering profession are unjustified and should be eliminated. The reasons for this conclusion have nothing to do with the peculiarities...

Recreational Travel: Gasoline Shortages and Price Increases
An empirical study utilizes visitation data from a number of recreational attractions in California to estimate the reduction of travel due to the gasoline price increases that occurred...

Houston Moves to Unravel Traffic
Houston, Texas is growing and has more cash to invest in its infrastructure than most American cities. Roads are being repaired and improved, more highways built, and new management strategies...

Liability and the Engineer as an Employee

Urban Stormwater Management APWA Report Highlights

Institutional Arrangements—Stormwater Management

Professional Ethics in Private Practice
The engineer in private practice faces special problems in applying the broad concepts of the ASCE Code of Ethics to his activities. Areas of conflict include particularly the engineer-client...

Insurance Practices of Utility Contractors
The experiences and practices concerning construction-related insurance were the focus of a nationwide survey conducted with utility contractors. The survey obtained information related...





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