Design-Build and Public-Private Partnerships: Risk Allocation of Subsurface Conditions
Project Owners, especially in the public sector, are exploring and utilizing alternative project delivery methods, such as design-build (D-B) and public-private partnerships (P3s). Some...

Public-Private Partnerships: Case Studies on Infrastructure Development By Sidney M. Levy. Reston, Virginia: ASCE Press, 2011

Panel Discussion on Stormwater Issues in Pennsylvania
The management of stormwater in Pennsylvania has radically changed over the last several years due to the concern of the citizens of the Commonwealth, and the advent of NPDES Phase II....

Me, Myself and Infrastructure
Private Lives and Public Works in America
Companion guide to the ASCE 150th Anniversary museum exhibit. This book is a consumer's-eye view of infrastructure—the technological networks...

Innovative Electronic Fare Collection: Hanaro Traffic Cards
Pusan adopted a 'Hanaro Traffic Card' system for its transit system, using contactless smart card technology. It has many notable and unique features. It is a contactless, prepaid and...

The Collision of Surf, Sand, and the Law at Lechuza Beach: Coastal Processes and Public-Private Shore Boundaries
In order to undertake coastal development opportunities, the property owner must first establish the boundary between public and private property along the beachfront in order to demonstrate...

Conditional Priority at Controlled Intersections to Improve Public Transport Punctuality
The market share of public transport depends highly on the travel time ratio to private transport. The public transport travel time includes among other elements waiting times at stops...

Wastewater Privatization: A Beneficial Alternative

Watercourse Master Plans: Two Case Studies
(No paper) The State of Arizona recently established statutes (ARS 48-3609.01) that enable local flood control districts to identify sensitive watercourses for floodplain management. The...

The Tres Rios River Management Plan: The Result of Multi-Agency Partnering for Management and Restoration at the Confluence of the Salt, Gila and Aqua Fria Rivers
(No paper) The framework consists of a an Oversight Committee made up of Agency Department Heads, a Steering Committee comprised of local area Agency managers, and five Technical Committees:...

Strategy for Efficient Field Implementation of Fiber-Reinforced Polymer (FRP) Composites: Partnership with Government, Academia, End-Users

The Transportation Management District: A Tool to Engage Private Sector Support in Meeting Energy, Environmental, and Transportation Goals

Institutional Hurdles in Privatization: The Fairbanks Municipal Utilities System

Managed Competition Sometimes Yields Unexpected Results: Ask San Diego

Rainwater Catchment Systems Development Guidelines

Consortium of Institutes for Decentralized Wastewater Treatment

São José dos Campos: A Strategic Airport and Its Military/Civilian Transition—Causes and Future Perspectives

Using Public/Private Partnerships to Enhance the Resource Value of San Francisco Bay Wetlands: The Role of Ports

Privatization in Vessel Traffic Management

Vessel Traffic Service Systems as Government-Private Sector Partnerships





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