Westlake Farms Demonstration Wetlands A Cooperative Effort
This paper describes the process for establishing a wetlands complex to evaluate environmental issues that could not be answered without the operation of a large demonstration project....

The Management and Policies of the BECC
The purpose of the Border Environment Cooperation Commission (BECC) is to help preserve, protect, and enhance the environment of the border region in order to advance the well-being of...

Flood Control Studies for Arizona Communities
Severe flooding in the winter of 1992/1993 produced severe flooding across the State of Arizona. Damages were widespread and significant. Total public and private damages are estimated...

Privatization and Water Supply/Treatment Projects
Privatization is often mentioned as a way to get much needed, but difficult to finance infrastructure projects delivered for both developed and developing countries. However, the suitability...

Partnerships for Diversity in Water Resources Education
Environmental industry partnerships for education offer excellent opportunities to leverage public investments and actions to attack three linked problems: underrepresentation of women...

Regulation of Private Sewage Disposal Systems

Integrated River Basin Management in Latin America

The Development of a Private, Centralized Spent Fuel Storage Facility

Non-Fuel Assembly Components: 10 CFR 61.55 Classification for Waste Disposal Using ORIGEN2

Partnerships in Federal Hydropower

Technical Evaluation of Hydroelectric Facilities in Peru

Bidding–and Winning–In the Privatization Game

Who Do ASCE Members Work For?

Route 125 Public-Private Partnership Project in San Diego County, California

Intermodal Access

A High-Speed Rail Revolution in the US? Lessons from the French and the Texas TGV

LACTC Specialized Rail Transit Projects

The Foundation for a New Approach to Implement Building Innovation
Prepared by the Partnership for Building Innovation project, which is sponsored by CERF; National Institute of Standards and Technology; U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development;...

Privatization and the Use of IVHS in the 1990s

Puerto Rico Privatizes the Roads
The opening of Puerto Rico's Teodoro Moscoso Bridge in San Juan early in 1994 will usher in a new era of privately financed toll roads. The first product of the 1989 Private...





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