Survival Strategies for Major Projects
This paper examines factors affecting implementation of two categories of transportation projects - retrofits and growth leaders. Retrofits involve expansion or rehabilitation of existing...

Northumberland Strait Crossing Project?A Public-Private Venture
This major project has challenged the Canadian Government to produce innovative requirements in environmental planning, financing and security, and facility performance. It requires a...

The Las Colinas Area Personal Transit System: A Public/Private Partnership
This paper presents an overview of the development of the Las Colinas Area Personal Transit (APT) System, identifying the key aspects of the APT Project related to a public/private partnership....

Translating Bridge Tolls to a New Bridge: The Third Dartford River Crossing
In March 1986, the Department of Transport of the United Kingdom Government published Guidelines inviting promoters for the submission of private sector bids for the design, construction...

Major Development and Transportation Projects
Public/Private Partnerships
This proceedings for Major Development and Transportation Projects contains papers and discussion summaries from the specialty conference Major Development and Transportation Projects:...

Privatization of Rehab Proposed

Private Vs. Public Bottom Line

Private Funds Offered for Embarcadero

Pros and Cons of Public-Private Links Weighed at Meeting

Facilitation of Goods Movement in the New York City Area
One of the most significant developments on the urban goods movement (VGM) scene in the New York/New Jersey bi-state region is the broadening recognition that the resolution of UGM problems...

The Impact of Ocean and Coastal Management Laws on Private Forestry Management Practices in the Eastern United States

Countering Terrorist Threats
Musacchio & Rozen assessed the risks and vulnerabilities to a possible terrorist attack of the data processing center of a large European bank. With the increasing use by terrorist...

Managing a Megaproject
The tunnel beneath the English Channel is an unusual construction project because of the private sector financing of infrastructure as well as the price, $9 billion, and the international...

Evaluating Financial Performance of Public and Private Firms Involved in Hydropower Development
The extended abstract compares companies that have gone public and the authors' own company which is private. Included are five publicly, or formerly publicly traded companies...

Automated People Movers A Gateway for Growth

People Movers: A Developer's Perspective

Consider Procurement on the Takeoff and Avoid the Crash Landing

Monorail Operating Experience at Walt Disney World

The Las Vegas People Mover Experience

Integration of APM Systems With Florida High Speed Rail





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