State/Local Collaboration for Richardson Bay
Management plans for unique and irreplaceable coastal resources are now common in coastal planning. However, plan and program implementation are still rarely achieved. All too often plans...

Roles of Fishing Ports in Local Areas of Japan
In Japan, the utilization of the sea especially in coastal zone has been increased and this tendency will continue in future, because activities on the coastal zone in local areas will...

City of Pittsburgh Horizontal Elevator Experience: A Unique Application
The City of Pittsburgh is developing a unique and innovative application of horizontal elevator technology for use as downtown people-movers. The paper reviews the horizontal elevator...

The R.E. in Private Sector Construction
The author relates a private sector construction experience and gives a list of the lessons learned within the project duration, that is, prior to construction start and after construction...

Private Funds, Public Projects
Tapping private sources for public services is not new, though the concept has advanced from traditional contracting for services, which has been around since pre-Revolutionary War days....

Organizational Implications for Financing Constructed Facilities
The ownership arrangements for constructed facilities not only can generate the capital for new facilities but also will influence the management of the construction and operation of these...

Wastewater Systems — A Privatization Perspective

Coastal Zone Management on the West Coast: An Evaluation

The Commons Concept and Coastal Management

Title Settlements in San Francisco Bay Historic Wetlands Using the Land Bank Method

Privately Funded Beach Vegetation Program

SANTA ANA: Flood Control Planning in the Coastal Zone

Tidelands Ownership and Management: The Public Interest and Private Property Rights in New Jersey

Who Owns the Beach

Urban Stormwater Management APWA Report Highlights

Liability and the Engineer as an Employee

Public and Private Regulation of LNG Transport

The Economic of Providing Recreation

The Use of Public Hands for Private Profit

Capabilities of the Private Engineering Sector for Dam Safety Inspections





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