Innovation of Precast Pretensioned High-Strength Spun Concrete Pile—Lessons from 1995 Hyogo-Ken Nanbu Earthquake

Economical Long-Span Spliced Bridges

Influence of Temperature On Precast Bridge Girders

Measurement of Bond Performance; Correlation of Pull-Out Strength with Transfer Length

Time-Deflection Field Test of 120-cm Steel, Fiberglass, and Pretensioned Concrete Pipe

Tests of Full-Size Pretensioned AASHTO Beams with Debonded Strands
A summary of an experimental investigation dealing with the effects of strand debonding on the flexure and shear behavior of simply supported pretensioned AASHTO beams with a cast-in-place...

Deployable Mesh Reflector
This paper presents a new deployable reflector for space applications, based on a deployable edge frame that deploys and prestresses a 'rigid' cable network. The edge frame consists of...

Development Length and Ultimate Strength of Fiberglass Pretensioned Beams

Predicting Tower Guy Pretension Using a Neural Network

Testing and Evaluating Fiberglass, Graphite, and Steel Prestressing Cables for Pretensioned Beams

Fiberglass Pretensioned Piles for Marine Environment

Comments on Limit States of Tension Structures

Shape of an Equally Tensioned Cable Net Structure under Dead Weights

Computer Aided Optimization of Bridge Girders

Stayed Column with Initial Imperfection
The effect of an initial out-of-straightness on the buckling strength of a single-crossarm stayed column is investigated. A geometrical study of the stayed column is used to determine...

Prestressed Concrete Flexural Members: Design
An alternate method for the design of prestressed concrete flexural members using the service load criteria is presented. The method differs from other available methods, in the sense...

Strength and Deformation of Pretensioned Box Girders
An analytical computer model is developed to analyze prestressed concrete box girders subjected to torque, bending moment, and shear. Its performance is evaluated in comparison with results...

Stability of Guyed Towers
Curves and equations are presented for obtaining the critical load of guyed towers. Towers with three or four cables and whose mast is either fixed or hinged at the base are considered....

Pretensioning of Single-Crossarm Stayed Columns
The effect of the initial pretension in the stays on the buckling load of a single-crossarm stayed column is presented. Previous research on stayed columns has been concerned only with...

Analytical Solutions for Pretensioned Cable Nets
Analytical solutions, accurate to the second order of small quantities, are presented for the static response of certain simple cable networks to uniformly distributed applied load. The...





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