Experimental Evaluation of Prestressed Steel Plate Girder Bridges

Nonlinear Analysis of External Prestressed Bridges
Finite element formulations for analysis of the overall response of concrete bridge girders prestressed with external tendons is described. The analytical procedure includes several nonlinear...

Aesthetics and Design of Prestressed High-Rise Buildings
This paper will address the aesthetics, economic and construction-related advantages of prestressed concrete for high-rise buildings, with an emphasis on the South-East Asia region. While...

Statistical Analysis of Resistance of Reinforced and Prestressed Concrete Members

Flexural Strength Reduction Factor for Bonded Prestressed Concrete Beams

Prestress and Cracking Problems in Concrete Structural Components of an Elevated Rail Transit Guideway System
In 1983 the Department of Transportation evaluated the quality of construction of selected structural components on the Dade County Transportation Administration METRORAIL elevated guideways....

Longitudinal Prestressed Piping for District Heating
The design of recently installed hot water district heating systems in the United States is based on similar systems developed in Europe. Longitudinal prestressing is used in the design...

Comparable Analysis of Prestressed and Conventional Steel Bridge Structures

Stress Distribution Around the Equipment Hatch Opening of a Prestressed Concrete Containment for a PWR Power Station
Results are reported of a finite element stress analysis for the linear elastic deformation around the equipment hatch opening in prestressed concrete containment. The dimensions and form...

Inelastic Behavior of Continuous Prestressed Steel Girders

Space Structures—Their Stability, Determinacy and Prestress

Prestressed Concrete Pavements: Status Report
Prestressed concrete is cost-competitive with and requires less maintenance than conventional concrete, but acceptance of prestressed pavements in this country has been slow. While Europe...

Wide Flange Concrete Sheet Pile Wharves

Planning, Analysis, Design and Construction of 5900 Ft. (1800M) Long Causeway for Crude Oil Export

Pre-stressed Grouting of High Pressure Waterways

The Safety of Prestressed Concrete as Affected by Creep and Fatigue

Concrete Materials: Requirements vs. Performance

Effective Utilization of Computer-Aided Design

Prestressed Concrete Airfield Pavements

Deflection of Transversely Loaded Prestressed Circular Plates





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