Influence of Temperature On Precast Bridge Girders

Geometrical and Material Uncertainties in Reinforced and Prestressed Concrete Bridges

Ductility of Concrete Beams Prestressed with FRP Tendons

Testing of Splices of Prestressed Concrete Piles

Engineering Properties of Composite Prestressing Tendons

Tendon Relaxation in FRP Tendons

Statistics of Steam-Cured Plant-Produced High Strength Concrete

When Should PCCP With Interface Class IV Wire Be Replaced?

Cathodic Protection Requirements of Prestressed Concrete Cylinder Pipe

Experimental Studies on High Performance Prestressed Concrete Bridge Frames

Construction of Innovative Concrete Pavements

PCCP Design Concepts Made Simple

Measurement of Bond Performance; Correlation of Pull-Out Strength with Transfer Length

Comprehensive Reliability Analysis of Prestressed Concrete Beams
Using second moment methods, the reliability with respect to several limit states for seventy three prestressed concrete beams is assessed. These beams that are extensively used in the...

Comparison of Bridge Deterioration Rates
This paper presents the results of a study of rates of deterioration of steel and prestressed concrete bridge superstructures. The results indicate that age is the primary determinant...

Unified Code Provisions for Concrete Bridges
Provisions on limiting the flexural reinforcement adopted in the new AASHTO LRFD Specification for Bridge Design are summarized (1). They address minimum and maximum levels of reinforcement...

Guide for the Design of Prestressed Concrete Poles
With the aim of providing engineers with some basic tools and guidelines for the design of structures, the committee prepares code and policy changes, and to expand input of manufacturers...

Development Length of Uncoated Prestressing Strand
The Federal Highway Administration is conducting ongoing research which investigates the development length of uncoated and epoxy coated prestressing strand in prestressed concrete members....

Design and Construction of Post-Tensioned Concrete Floor Systems
This is a summary of the original full length paper which is available from the author. This paper assumes a basic technical knowledge of reinforced concrete design and prestressed concrete...

Anchorage of Non-Metallic Prestressing Tendons
Experimental confirmation tests were conducted to evaluate mechanical and epoxy socketed anchors for fiber reinforced plastic (FRP) prestressing tendons. The studies found that a parabolically...





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