An Accurate Solver for 3-D Suspended Sediment Dispersion in Tidal Flow

Measurement of Bed Configurations Under Floods

A Simulation Model for Flow and Sediment Transport in a Concrete Steep Channel

Characteristics of Flow Over Submerged Breakwaters

Suspended Sediment Concentration Affected by Organized Motion Near Vegetation Zone

van Beesten, D.

Horizontal Structure of Flood Flow with Dense Vegetation Clusters Along Main Channel Banks

Cylindrical Barrel Seaweed for Control of Sediment Transport Under Waves

Sediment Flux, Grain Sorting and the Bed Condition

Inverse Analysis of Estimating Permeability of Semipervious Confining Layer

About the Transmissivity Values Estimated from Pump Test Analysis in Heterogeneous Formations

Degradation of Organic Matter in the Subsurface - A Modelling Approach

An Optimization-Based Evaluation for Groundwater Plume Containment and Water Supply Management at a California EPA Site

Measurements of Groundwater Flow into Kettle Creek Embayment, NJ

An Investigation of Coupled Hydromechanical Effects in the Borrowdale Volcanic Group, Sellafield, U.K.

Conditioning Three-Dimensional Velocity Fields on Measurements in Heterogeneous Geological Media

Groundwater Flow and Stochastic Inverse Modeling: The Case-Study of Bagueixe Fractured Aquifer, in Portugal

On the Reactive Transport by Steady Spatially-Stationary Groundwater Flow in Heterogeneous Aquifers

Macrodispersion in Stochastic Facies Type Gravel Aquifer Modeling

The Coupled Effects of Subsurface Heterogeneities and Nonequilibrium Sorption Processes on Solute Transport





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