Horizontal Large-Eddy Computation of Longshore Currents

Shear Instabilities of Longshore Currents: Flow Characteristics and Momentum Mixing During Superduck

Flow Modeling Using an Inverse Method with Direct Minimization

Wave-Induced Currents in Multiple-Bar Nearshore Zone

Investigating Nearshore Circulation Using Inverse Methods

Cross-Shore Variability of Infragravity Wave Pressure and Velocities on a Barred Beach

Ripple Characteristics and Bed Roughness Under Tidal Flow

Causes of Increased Net Basin Supply in the Great Lakes Watershed

Applications of the FEQ Unsteady Flow Model in DuPage County and Beyond

Probability of Drought Flows in the Manitoba Hydro System

Hydraulic Analysis Using FESWMS-2DH of the State Route 76 and Hatchie River Crossing in Brownsville, Tennessee

Reduction of Illinois River Flood Stages by Converting a Few Selected Levee Districts to Managed Storage Areas

Ineffective Overbank Flow in One-Dimensional Models

Using Hydraulic Modeling for System Improvements: State College Borough (PA) Water Authority

Travel Times in Dead-End Mains

Using Hydraulic Modeling for Disinfection Effectiveness

Using Back-Up Sub-Systems for Design and Operation of Reliable Multi-Quality Systems

Innovative Wet-Weather Flow Management Systems for Newly Urbanized Areas

Wet Weather Flow Designs for the Future

Water Managment in New Hampshire: An Overview and Preliminary Event Duration Analysis of Proposed Instream Flow Rules





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