Analysis of Surge Pressures in the Inland Feeder and Eastside Pipeline

Avoiding Common Thrust Restraint Mistakes

Public Outreach and Construction Strategies for the Mission Trails Pipeline and Flow Regulatory Structure

Wastewater Force Mains Problems and a Solution

Sources of Funding for Replacement and/or Repair of Defective PCCP

Practical Repair Procedures for Concrete Pressure Pipe

Pipeline Drainage Discharge Analysis

Effect of Deforestation on the Stability of Slopes

A Computer Tool for Predicting for Cooling of Asphalt Pavements

From Building Design Representations to Simulation Domain Representations: An Automated Mapping Solution for Complex Geometries

A Jet Grout Stabilized Excavation Beneath an Existing Building

High Flow Reduction in Major Structures: Materials, Principles, and Case Histories

Design Conditions and Analysis Methods for Soil-Cement Buttresses in Fort Point Channel

Robert E. Lee and the Saving of the St. Louis Riverfront (St. Louis Section)

Fluid Mechanics
An Interactive Text
This multimedia CD ROM, Fluid Mechanics: An Interactive Text, brings to life every topic and phenomenon associated with the study of fluid...

Hydraulics of Open Channel Flow
This text is designed to make a deliberate effort to extend the modern fluid mechanics approach into the analysis of open channel flow without necessarily requiring the use of advanced...

Transparent Soils to Image 3D Flow and Deformations

Interim Pier 400 Landfill Status Report

Modeling and Simulation of Traffic Flow on Indian Roads

Pipe Joint Failure Caused by an Inadequately Specified Constructed Environment





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