Structural Evaluation of Hultman Aqueduct

Pipe Jacking to Avoid Contaminated Groundwater Conditions

Hydraulic Modeling of Unsteady Debris-Flow Surges with Solid-Fluid Interactions

Wave Overtopping and Pressure Dependent on Crest Elevation

Numerical Modeling of Wind-Structure Interactions

Computational Model for Wind-Induced Pressure Underneath Paver Roofing Systems

An Overview of Field Experiments on a Low-Rise Building

Area-average Wind Pressures on a Low-rise Building

Wind Loads for Low-Rise Buildings on Escarpments

Parallel Performance of a Meshless Method for Wind Engineering Simulations

Testing of Prestressed Clay-Brick Walls

Depth-Averaged Boussinesq Equations Applied to Flow in a Converging Channel
Supereritical flow in a contracting channel is simulated by numerically solving the 2D depth-averaged Boussinesq equations using a fmite-difference model DASH (Molls and Chaudhry 1995,...

Genetic Algorithm Design of Piped Irrigation Systems
The design of piped irrigation systems is a complex matter. In its simplest form it involves the selection of the sizes of pipes and other hydraulic elements so as to ensure that the varying...

Experimental Uncertainty and Measurement Errors in Hydraulic Engineering
The Task Committee on Experimental Uncertainty and Measurement Errors was formed to provide information and guidance on current practices used for describing and quantifying measurement...

Borehole UE-25 ONC #1 Drilling at Yucca Mountain, Nevada

Field Determination of Flow through a Pressure Regulating Valve
This paper presents a computer methodology to calculate flow through a pressure regulating valve for different opening percentages and a given pressure differential. The methodology is...

Capillary Pressure-Saturation Relationships in Fracture
Understanding and quantifying unsaturated flow through fractures in rocky slope is important for design and construction of drainage system in large-scale hydraulic engineering. The data...

A Proposed Poroelastic Model for Hydraulic Fracturing Breakdown Pressure in Porous Rocks

Anisotropy Effect on One-Dimensional Consolidation

Seismic Signatures of Patchy Saturation





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