Dynamic Stability of Statically Pre-Loaded Systems

Rationalizing the Practice of Strut Preloading for Braced Excavations

Deterministic and Probabilistic Analyses of Preload Design at a Hydraulic Fill Site

Creep Deformation and Stress Relaxation in Preloaded/Prestressed Geosynthetic-Reinforced Soil Retaining Walls

Characterization of Structural Response for Systems with Loose Joints

Modelng of Strength Degradation Due to Pre-Loading Effects in Brittle Solids

Preloading Organic Soils to Limit Future Settlements
This paper presents the authors' experience in preloading organic soils in south Florida to allow the construction of roadways, utilities, and low-rise residential structures on shallow...

Expert System for the Preloading Method of Ground Improvement
Design practice of the preloading method, which is one of the ground improvement techniques, applied for the hydraulic fill area includes quite complicated problems, especially when draining...

Site Improvement for a Steel Mill Complex

Diastolic Function Using 3-D Echo Reconstruction and Finite Element Analysis: Applications for Study in Animal Models and Patients
We have initiated animal experiments using three-dimensional reconstruction of echocardiographic recordings and finite element analysis to evaluate the effects of alterations in preload,...

Bottom Supported Terminal— Dravo Preload Concept

State-of-the-Art Report on Air-Supported Structures
A structure with a structural system which is dependent on pressurization, either positive or negative, is termed a pressure preloaded structure. Most pressure preloaded structures intended...

Foundation Soil Preload Saves $164,000
Soils in the lower Mississippi valley are highly compressible and present a challenge to structural foundation designers. Rather than support power plant structures on piles, one design...

Recording Rapid Settlement by the Oedometer

A Preload on Silty Fine Sand

Mat Foundation and Preload Fill, VA Hospital Tampa

Preloading for Heavy Industrial Installations

Controlled Water Tests to Preload Tank Foundations





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