Hazardous Waste Landfill Performance as Measured by Primary Leachate Quantity

Using Probabilistic Quantitative Precipitation Forecasts to Support Operation of TVA's Reservoir System, The First Year's Experience

Probabilistic Temperature and Precipitation Forecasts to Support a Customer's Needs: A Vendor's Perspective

Site-Specific Probable Maximum Precipitation (PMP): Great Miami River Drainage in Southwestern Ohio

Guidelines for Cloud Seeding to Augment Precipitation
This manual of professional practice, Guidelines for Cloud Seeding to Augment Precipitation (ASCE Manual No. 81), is the outgrowth of a committee report by the same...

Modeling Runoff and Baseflow with a Conceptual Model of Water Balance

Railroad Canyon Dam Overtopping Protection

Precipitation Depth-Duration Characteristics, Antelope Valley, California

Development of a Drought Warning System for Indiana

Assigning Weights to Precipitation Stations

The Planning of Water Quality Facilities Using a Limited Data Set

Scientific Basis of Precipitation Enhancement

A Texas-Sized SSO Solution
Houston is under the gun to control chronic overflows in its sanitary-sewer-collection system--a wet-weather problem that has plagued the city for years. For a problem this massive, the...

A Nested-Model Approach to Investigate Climate Change
Determination of the spatial and temporal distribution of precipitation in mountainous regions is critical for assessing the effects of climate variability on water resources in these...

Precipitation Kinetics of Radioactive Elements and Their Effect Upon Redox Conditions of the Nearfield

A Preliminary Characterization of the Spatial Variability of Precipitation at Yucca Mountain, Nevada

Estimating Past Precipitation and Temperature from Fossil Ostracodes

Isotope Systematics in Ground Water and Hydrogenic Deposits at ÄSPÖ, Sweden

Inferences of Paleoenvironment From Petrographic, Chemical and Stable-Isotope Studies of Calcretes and Fracture Calcites

Late Glacial to Modern Climate Near Yucca Mountain Nevada





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