Use of Microcomputers in Conjunction with Instrumentation and Data Processing

Development of Operating Procedure: Ross Barnett Reservoir

Removal of Monosodium Methanearsonate (MSMA) by Ferric Hydroxide Precipitation

Predicting Leakage through Clay Landfill Covers

Assessing Results Weather Modification Programs
There is a continuing need to assess the effectiveness of operational precipitation augmentation weather modification programs. These assessments can serve a variety of needs including:...

Streamflow Measurement and Analysis for Northwest Rangelands
Watershed hydrologic and sedimentation investigations on the Reynolds Creek Experimental Watershed in southwest Idaho were initiated in 1960. Major objectives of the watershed research...

Operational Cloud Seeding Projects in the Western United States
The physical concepts of weather modification were developed and tested in the mid 1940's by Vincent Schafer and Bernard Vonnegut. Since that time, many projects have come...

State of Art in Urban Hydrology in Switzerland
The research in urban hydrology in Switzerland does not result from a national organized and planned will, to solve hydrological problems (quantity and quality) due to urbanization. In...

Assessing the Short-Term Reduction in Streamflow pH Associated with Acid Precipitation

The Potential for Small-Scale Hydro in Developing Countries
The author attempts to define a market that has been traditionally ignored by U.S. design firms. As a result, the Europeans, Chinese and Japanese have taken the lead in engineering and...

1980 Needs Survey: Combined Sewer Site Studies
The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency is mandated by the Clean Water Act to prepare and report to the Congress a biennial estimate of the construction cost for publicly owned wastewater...

Stormwater Pollution Control: Structural Measures
Combinations of storage and wet-weather treatment, integrated with dry-weather treatment facilities and nonstructural control measures on an area-wide basis, are found to provide the greatest...

Wastewater Treatment Using Sulfide Precipitation

Is Acid Precipitation a Threat to Our Drinking Water?

Design of Storm Water Recharge Basins

Identification of Streamflow Stochastic Models
The identification of streamflow stochastic models is explored. The identification of the type of stochastic model is made, based on a conceptual physical representation of natural watershed....

R-Factors for Soil Loss Impact Prediction
A procedure has been developed to determine design R-values for use with the Universal Soil Loss Equation in soil-loss prediction during environmental impact analysis. The procedure brings...

The Influence of Silica on Iron Precipitation

Preparation of Guidelines for Cloud Seeding to Augment Precipitation

Cloud Seeding Modes and Instrumentation





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