California Probable Maximum Precipitation

Regionalization of Annual Precipitation Maxima in Montana

Incorporation of Time-Intensity and Spatial Variability Into Probable Maximum Precipitation (PMP) Estimates

The Predictability of Extreme Floods and the Role of the Coupled Land-Atmosphere-Ocean System

Probable Maximum Precipitation Storm Isohyetal Orientation Reduction Factors

Precipitation Variability and Curve Numbers

Comparison of Mean Areal Precipitation Estimates Derived from NEXRAD Radar vs. Rain Gage Networks

Development of a Hydrogeochemical Model for Radionuclides Migration

Potential Changes of Mudflow Phenomena Due to Global Warming

Normalizing Rainfall/Debris-Flow Thresholds Along the U. S. Pacific Coast for Long-Term Variations in Preciptation Climate

Probabilistic Flood Forecast-Warning System

Non-Growing Season Water Budgets for a Shortgrass Steppe
The seasonal characteristics of water inputs and outputs during the non growing seasons (October through May) of 1986 to 1992 in a shortgrass steppe are presented in this paper. About...

Flood Trends in Austria

Identifying Trends from Streamflow Records—A Case Study
Historical streaniflow records for the Ruby River, in southwestern Montana were analyzed for trends and for changes in the precipitation-runoff relationship. Trends were first identified...

Vulnerability of Water Resources to Global Climate Change in the Agricultural Midwest- Ecological, Economic, and Regulatory Aspects
As climate changes, so will water resources. General climate change will alter the distribution of hydrometeorological events and will affect water use, in turn resulting in further alterations...

Predicting the Concentration of Trace Metals in Natural Waters: Application of Co-Precipitation and Co-Dissolution Models

Effects of Transport Model Alternatives Incorporating Precipitation on the Performance of Engineered Barriers

The Part of Precipitation in Some Ecological Problems of the Dnister Basin
The purpose of the present paper is to study the peculiarity of precipitation falling in the Dnister basin, their distribution on territory, and research of several year's precipitation...

Hydrologic Modeling System
The Hydrologic Modeling System (HEC-HMS) is new-generation software for precipitation-runoff simulation that will supersede the Hydrologic Engineering Centefs HEC-l program. Technical...

Copper Precipitation Hardened, High Strength, Weldable Steel





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