Power-Generating Dams: Lifelines
This section provides an overview of power generating dams, including major components and subsystems. Also present are general post-earthquake investigation procedures for dams....

Outside Plant
Outside Plant can be defined as equipment and facilities connecting a CO to other COs, and connecting a CO to subscribers. Depending on the distance and the terrain involved, the methods...

This section presents theoretical and practical concepts for the analysis of guyed transmission structures. The concepts are further illustrated in the examples of Section 8. The term...

Pipeline Needs, Technology Opportunities for Natural Gas Transmission Systems

Reducing the Vulnerability of Transmission Lines in Hurricane Regions by Choosing Minimum Life Cycle Cost Designs

On the Response of Transmission Structures to High Winds

Collapse of Transmission Line Towers in Typhoon Gay

Geothermal Resource Assessment Using Self-Optimized Layered Neural Network

A Method for Seismic Reliability Analysis of Secondary Transmission Systems

Saving a Sinking City
A construction team repairing a bridge or expanding a hospital usually must work around the daily activities of the affected group of people. But for a construction project in Co-op City,...

Design and Implementation of Decision Support System for Real-Time Hydropower Scheduling on Lower Colorado River, Texas

The Value of Hydrologic Information in Hydropower System Operations

Advanced Methods for Assessing Temperature Effects on Fish

Contributions of Earthquake Reconnaissance to Improved Understanding of Lifeline Behavior

Optimal Design of Steel Transmission Poles

Three-Second Gust Effect Factors for Transmission Lines

Measurement of Stay-Cable Vibration

An Innovative Approach of Replacing Wood Pole H-Frame River Crossing Structures

Compression Tests of Double Angles with Variable Stitch Bolt Spacing

New Design of 25 kV Pinned Base Lattice Structures for Substations





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