Utilizing the Internet for Reservoir Management During Rain-on-Snow Events

Evaluating and Improving Flow Duration Analysis Method to Determine Headwater Benefits

A New Approach to Hydroelectric Operations Modeling - A Stepwise Development of Exact Solutions

Inflow Forecasting for Short-Term Hydro Scheduling

A Decision Support System for the High Aswan Dam

Power Exchange Evaluation Within a Decision Support System

Forecasting and Hydroelectric Scheduling in California's Sierra Nevada Watersheds

System Control Using Dynamic Programming

Evaluation of Hydro Projects Operational Changes on Colbert Fossil Plant Water Intake Temperature

Federal Regulation of Hydropower: What Changes are Necessary to Allow Hydropower to Compete in the New Competitive Power Market?

Addressing the Costs of Public Benefits: Ensuring a Place for Hydroelectric Power in a Restructured Competitive Electric Industry

Hydroelectric Power Generation - Privatization and Private Development - The Role of the Independent Engineer

Risk Analysis for Non-Routine Shutdown of Hydroelectric Generating Stations

Dam Management Using an Information Database and Reliability Based Approach

Risk Assessment of Two Water Conveyance Systems of the Pacific Gas and Electric Company

Why Not Make the Turbines Cavitation Free?

Design Considerations for Horizontal Hydroturbine Shafting Systems

Model Testing Replacement Turbines for the Bonneville First Powerhouse

New Approach in Small Hydro: Improve Profitability for Hydropower Developers

A Review of TVA's Aeration and Minimum Flow Improvements on Aquatic Habitat





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