Probability of Drought Flows in the Manitoba Hydro System

Total Valuation of Grand Canyon Resources

Transformation of Double Peak Spectral Waves

Satellite Altimeter Data in Wave Energy Studies

An Analysis of Diffraction in Spectral Wave Models

Effects on Wave Transformation at a Tidal Inlet

A Proposed Method for Minimizing the Number of Bits Needed to Encode Nondirectional Wave Spectra for Satellite Transmissions

On the Nonlinear Behaviour of Ocean Wave Groups

Response Modes of the Chesapeake Bay Wave Field

Control of Zebra Mussels with Ultraviolet Radiation

An Eulerian-Lagrangian Particle Dispersion Modeling for Surface Heat Transport

Time to Scour Experiments as an Indirect Measure of Stream Power Around Bridge Piers

Environmental Concerns and Hydrologic Disasters

A Head Loss Criterion for Piping, Applied to Levees

The New Methods for Preventing Cavitation of High-Lift Ship Lock Valves in Hydro-Power Projects

Study on Effective Parameters on Vortex Formation at Horizontal Intake

Quick Reference Liquefaction Opportunity Maps for a Metropolitan Area

Seismic Risk Management in a Pacific Northwest Utility

Blasting a Breach in an Old Concrete Dam to Channel Water into a New Powerplant

Putting Wetlands to Work
Wetlands, whether natural or engineered, have enormous potential to clean up wastewater, but in the past, the public called on civil engineers to drain wetlands en masse as a public benefit....





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