Porous Asphalt and Permeable Friction Course Overlays
Porous asphalt typically consists of conventional warm mix asphalt (WMA) or hot mix asphalt (HMA) with significantly reduced fines resulting in an open-graded mixture that allows water...

Porous Concrete Stormwater BMP

Biogrout and Biosealing — Pore-Space Engineering with Bacteria

Fate of TCE in Phytoremediation Systems
The phytoremediation of trichloroethylene (TCE) and other volatile organic compounds (VOCs) has been developed from a mere concept to full applications over the past decade. However, the...

Heat and Mass Transport in Porous Media

Design Guidelines for Porous/Permeable Pavements

French Developments in Reservoir Structures

Electrokinetic Modeling of the Enhanced Reduction of Hexavalent Chromium [Cr(VI)] in Porous Media

Brasilia Metro Underground

Scalar Properties of Transversely Isotropic Tuff from Images of Orthoganol Cross Sections

Numerical Modeling of Breaking Waves over Porous Structures

Field Measurements of Wave Transmission Through a Rubble Mound Breakwater

Modelisation of Solute Transport in Non-Saturated Porous Media

PGRU Bridge: Rehabilitation Based on an Electrochemical Diagnosis

Infiltration as an Urban Source Control for Metal Elements and Solids

Evaporation at the Surface of Permeable Pavement and Its Impacts on the Urban Thermal Environment

Flow Structures and Mixing Processes Around Porous and Submerged Spur Dikes

Genetic Algorithm Approach of Parameter Optimization for the Moisture and Contaminant Transport Problem in Partially Saturated Porous Media

Lab and Technical Scale Experiments for NAPL Removal by Steam Injection into Porous Media

Macrodispersion in Stochastic Facies Type Gravel Aquifer Modeling





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