A Proposed Poroelastic Model for Hydraulic Fracturing Breakdown Pressure in Porous Rocks

Cracks in Poroelastic Materials with a Highly Anisotropic Fluid Response

Anisotropy Effect on One-Dimensional Consolidation

Normal Modes of a Poroelastic Soil Layer on a Rigid Bed Rock

Further Application of Dynamic Poroelasticity to Geotechnical Engineering Via BEM

Coupled and Uncoupled Poroelastic Solutions to Land Subsidence due to Groundwater Withdrawal

Two Classical Elasticity Problems Revisited by a Quasi-static Poroelastic BEM Implementation

Anisotropic Coefficients of Poroelasticity

Dynamic Analysis of Axisymmetric Foundations on a Poroelastic Stratum Using BEM

Eccentric Settlements of a Rigid Foundation on a Consolidating Layer
The paper examines the eccentric settlement of a rigid foundation located at the surface of a poroelastic layer saturated with a compressible pore fluid. The base of the rigid foundation...

Consolidation of Poroelastic Arterial Tissue

Elastic Waves in a Fluid-Saturated Porous Medium

Plate on Poroelastic Half Space Subjected to Seismic Waves

Response to Dynamic Surface Pressure Distributions
This paper uses Biot's theory for poroelastic media to examine the response to dynamic surface pressure distribution of layered systems of fluid-filled soils or porous rock....

Dynamic Response of a Poroelastic Subgrade

Viscoelastic Plate on Poroelastic Foundation
A solution for the quasistatic response of a linear viscoelastic infinite plate supported on a poroelastic half-space, subjected to a uniform circular loading, is presented. The poroelastic...





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