Bridge Girder Distribution Factors for Live Load

Structural Reliability of Plank Decks

Long Term Behavior of Tunnels in Chicago Clay

Shoring for Leslie Station: Design Assessment and Construction Performance

Spatial and Temporal Distribution of Historical and Active Tidal Inlets: Delmarva Peninsula and New Jersey, U.S.A.

Order Amid Uncertainty (Available in Geoenvironmental special issue only)
Bayesian statistical methods allow engineers to deduce probabilities from incomplete information. If there is a theoretical or empirical reason why a particular probability distribution...

Comparison of Complete Modeling/Simplified Modeling of Zaragoza City Water Supply Network
(No paper) Zaragoza is a Spanish city with 600.000 inhabitants and a water supply network of 900km long. The Council technical services uses a Microstation based GIS, GRED, for network...

Pile Design in Saline Permafrost at Longyearbyen

Effect of Dissolved Solids on Freeze-Thaw Conditioning

Measurement of the Pore Size Distribution of Geomaterials Using Conductometric Phase Transition Porosimetry

Effect of Multiple Floating Events on a 275 cm (108-inch) Diameter Pipeline

Characteristic Piezocone Response in Piedmont Residual Soils

Electromagnetic Conductivity Survey of Pipeline Alignments for Soil Corrosivity Assessment and Corrosion Control Design for Large Diameter Water Pipelines

Effect of Deforestation on the Stability of Slopes

Temperature Distribution Characteristics at Three LTPP Seasonal Monitoring Sites in Cold Regions

Computer-Aided Project Control Approach Based on Risk Analysis

A Study of Stress Distribution in Geogrid-Reinforced Sand

Structure Heave and Settlement Due to Pile Driving: A Case History

Formation and Properties of Bentonite Filter Cakes

Experimental and Analytical Modeling of Filtration in Granular Media





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