Experimental Uncertainty and Measurement Errors in Hydraulic Engineering
The Task Committee on Experimental Uncertainty and Measurement Errors was formed to provide information and guidance on current practices used for describing and quantifying measurement...

Infiltration Properties at Two Sites in the Konza Prairie
The spatial variability of soil hydraulic properties that govern infiltration were investigated at a pristine site and an agricultural site in the Konza Prairie Research Area of east-central...

Borehole UE-25 ONC #1 Drilling at Yucca Mountain, Nevada

Numerical Modeling of Water Flow over Porous Media
The momentum transport phenomena at the interface of porous media and fluid are numerically investigated. The single domain approach is used with matching boundary conditions; i.e., the...

Field Determination of Flow through a Pressure Regulating Valve
This paper presents a computer methodology to calculate flow through a pressure regulating valve for different opening percentages and a given pressure differential. The methodology is...

Capillary Pressure-Saturation Relationships in Fracture
Understanding and quantifying unsaturated flow through fractures in rocky slope is important for design and construction of drainage system in large-scale hydraulic engineering. The data...

A Proposed Poroelastic Model for Hydraulic Fracturing Breakdown Pressure in Porous Rocks

Anisotropy Effect on One-Dimensional Consolidation

Seismic Signatures of Patchy Saturation

Anelastic Strain Recovery of Deep Cores with Presence of Pore Pressure

Development of Localization in Undrained Deformation

Plane Waves and Pore Pressure in a Saturated Sand

Measurement of the Undrained Pore Pressure Response of a Shale in Triaxial Tests

Design of Pressure Class Ductile Iron Pipe on Supports

Challenges of an Advance Utility Contract for a Major Highway Widening Project in Norfolk, Virginia

Canal Crossing of High-Pressure Pipelines

Probabilistic Fracture Mechanics of Nuclear Pressure Vessels

Lateral Earth Pressures on Deep Braced Walls

Random Network Modeling for Determination of Representative Specimen Size of Compacted Clays

A Pore-Scale Study of the Stability of Nonaqueous Phase Liquid Ganglia under the Influence of Vibrations





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