Who's Surfing? We're Working!
Now that the novelty has worn off, how are engineers using the Internet in their everyday work? Productively is the answer, as both firms and software developers make use of the Internet...

A Control System Automation Project for the Duke Power Hydroelectric System

Developing Geomorphic Post Project Appraisals for Environmentally-Aligned River Channel Management

Design-Build & Co.: A Brave New World
There are many inherent risks in overseas work. These are made greater by current project delivery methods, such as design/build operate transfer, and build own operate transfer. The author...

The Outstanding Others
The article presents a pictorial overview of the 26 nominees for the 1997 Outstanding Civil Engineering Achievement (OCEA) awards. The projects—the most ever to compete for the prize—represented...

Project Delivery Systems: Changing at Warp Speed

Performance Evaluations and Incentive Programs for Estimators and Project Managers in Electrical Construction

Empowerment of the Field Project Manager

Production Control vs. Project Management

Models of Lean Construction Processes: Example of Pipe-Spool Materials Management

The Changing Project Delivery System

Improving Project Control by Automating Detailed Scheduling

A Comparison of Project Delivery Systems

Reengineering Project Delivery in a Corporate Setting

Project Delivery Strategies at the U.S. Department of State

A Contractor's Perspective on Project Delivery

Changing Project Delivery Systems

Selecting the Most Appropriate Project Delivery Methodology

Changing Project Delivery Systems: Who's at Risk

The Project Navigator..Multimedia for Project Management





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