Standard Practice for Shotcrete
This manual, Standard Practice for Shotcrete, provides information and guidance on the selection, proportioning, and application of shotcrete....

The Benefits of Effective Project Management Upon Small-scale Hydro Development Within the United Kingdom's Water Supply Infrastructure

California State Water Project Control System Development

Sustainable Management of Water Resources Projects

Past, Present, and Future of Water and Wastewater

Water Infrastructure Study Saltillo, Mexico

Benchmarking the Preproject-Planning Process

Construction Management Challenges: The Los Angeles Heavy Rail Project

Design Build: a Navy Perspective

Making Construction and Demolition Debris Recycling Profitable: The Roles of Public Policy and Innovative Project Management

Project and Network Level Bridge Management

Rapid Remediation
The Florida Department of Transportation encountered petroleum contamination in the right-of-way of a large highway construction project in Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. In order to avoid costly...

Project Management: One Step Beyond
Good project managers are made, not born. But those with a special dedication to a project look beyond the most basic measures of success toward building constructive relationships within...

Flood Control Doesn't Have to be Ugly
The recently completed flood control project in Rochester, Minn. shows how innovative engineering combined with aesthetically-sensitive design can integrate flood protection into an urban...

A Second Life for Dredged Material
To ensure safe, navigable waters, rivers and waterways must be dredged. Dredging in the U.S. requires long-term alternatives for placement of more than 300 million cu yds of dredged material...

Integrated Planning, Scheduling and Project Control through Constraint-Management

A Practical Application of Concession Schemes to Space Energy Projects
It has been shown in previous papers and studies that some of the financing schemes involving a mix of private and government funds, which are used for terrestrial large infrastructures,...

Living in Space
Living in space will be the key project for the survival of the human species in the future. The world is becoming more polluted, suffering under the lack of living space, and if people...

Civil Engineering and Civic Monuments: The Commissioning, Design and Public Perception of Urban Infrastructure Projects
This paper analyzes the roles that some infrastructure projects play as civic monuments and public places, and how these functions interact with their technical performance and utility....

Restoring the Everglades
Are constructed wetlands an effective management strategy for restoring and protecting the Everglades from phosphorus over-enrichment caused by agricultural stormwater runoff? The $13.85...





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