The Project Manager
No matter how the PMs are selected, they must report to management and act in management's best interests. In addition, they must report to the client and work in the client's...

Highlights of Project Management
One of the most important persons in an A/E organization is the PM. There may be one or many, but they are the lifeblood of the firm. How are PMs trained, or are they? What directions...

Total Quality Management (TQM)
The PM's first responsibility is quality. This means quality of the final product along with quality and management throughout the project. The PM may belong to an organization...

Project Planning
Good project management is based on good project planning. A project work plan, structured from a good process, is a statement of what is to be done, who is responsible for each task,...

Project Control
The project work plan, as originally written and modified during the course of projects, sets up specific schedule and budget yardsticks; each project task is to be completed in a specific...

Managing Projects for Profit
The section on Project Quality described the necessary steps that must be taken to ensure quality. Namely, ensuring that the project be completed within budget, on time, and that it meet...

Rocky Mountain HOV
In 1988, Colorado DOT and the firm of Daniel, Mann, Johnson, & Mendenhall, Denver, the oversight consultant on the project, set out to bring the highway up-to-date and promote...

Selecting Tower Cranes
Looming over the skyline like steel dinosaurs, tower cranes can look deceptively similar. But these beasts of burden are not a homogenous species, and selecting and positioning the right...

Structural Expression: International Projects and Cultural Influences

The Mission Creek Flood Control Project

Channel Stabilization Methods In the Demonstration Erosion Control Project

Planning and Managing a Multi-Disciplinary Capstone Project

CADD-Based Construction Information Management for Corps of Engineers Projects

Supporting Collaboration and Reflection on Problem-Solving in a Project-Based Classroom

Towards Object Databases for Project Control

Towards an Object-Oriented Approach to Project Control

Proactive Object-Oriented Project Control System

Design/Construction Integrated Education Through Project-Based Interactive Multimedia

On Significance of Route Specific Data for Transportation Risk Analysis

Rural Migration Decision Relating to Yucca Mountain





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