Behavior of Externally Confined Concrete Columns
This paper investigates the feasibility of strengthening of seismically deficient concrete columns with high-strength fiber composite straps. The concrete columns will be externally confined...

Nonprestressed and Prestressed FRP Sheets as External Reinforcement of Wood Members
The paper presents a summary of an analytical and experimental investigation of a new form of wood construction involving external bonding of thin fiber reinforced plastic (FRP) sheets...

Creep and Recovery of a Pultruded FRP Frame

A New Dielectric Instrument for Statistical Process Control of RIM, SMC, and RTM Processes

Testing and Evaluating Fiberglass, Graphite, and Steel Prestressing Cables for Pretensioned Beams

Use of GFRP Rebar in Concrete Structures

Strength, Modulus of Elasticity, and Bond of Deformed FRP Rods

Experimental Study of FRP Grating Reinforced Concrete Slabs

Tensile Testing of Glass Fiber Composite Rod

A New Aramid Rod for the Reinforcement of Prestressed Concrete Structures

ARAPREE, a Non-Metallic Tendon: Performance and Design Requirements

FRP-Tendons for the Post-tensioning of Concrete Structures

Experience With Fiber Composite Materials and Monitoring With Optical Fiber Sensors

Structural Applications of Pultruded Composite Products

Fiber-Reinforced Plastic Composite Columns

Test Results on Reinforced and Prestressed Ice

Strengthening of Structures with CFRP Laminates

CFRP Cables for Large Structures

Applications of Polymer Concrete Composites for Civil Engineering Structures: Thin Overlay-Sealer Crack Fillers—Precast

Bending Response of Beams Reinforced With FRP Rebars for Varying Concrete Strengths





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