Bond Development of Thermoplastic FRP Shear Reinforcement Stirrups

Test for Polymer Overlay Interface on Concrete

Fiber-Glass Composite Aircraft Pad for Crop Dusting

Design and Construction of Fiberglass Composite Building

Rehabilitation of Brick-Lined Railroad Tunnels to Achieve Increased Clearance

Compression Strength of Pultruded FRP Materials

Static Behavior of Pultruded GFRP Sections

Characteristics of Mechanical Connectors for Construction of FRP Structures

Connections for Pultruded Composites: A Review and Evaluation

Bolted Connections for GFRP Laminated Structural Members

Behavior of AC-20P Versus AC-30 Asphalt Concrete Mixtures

Surface Preparation of Steel for Adhesive Bonding in Rehabilitation Applications

Montana Experience with Polymer Modified Asphalt

Design Optimization of an All-FRP Short-Span Bridge
The objectives of this study are: a) to determine the feasibility of designing an all-FRP bridge, and b) to demonstrate the usefulness of optimization techniques in the design of FRP superstructures....

Infrastructure Repair with Polymer Composite Using Recycled Plastics
Recycled poly(ethylene terephthalate), PET, mainly recovered from plastic beverage bottles, can be used to produce unsaturated polyester resins. Polymer concrete (PC) made with these resins...

Low Cost Maglev Guideway Design Using Hybrid FRP-Reinforced Cocnrete

Polyacrylamide Decreases Furrow Erosion
Erosion from furrow irrigated land is a serious problem in southern Idaho and several other areas. Polyacrylamide, a very long chain polymer, increases aggregate stability and flocculates...

A New In-Stream Aerator
Experiments on microporous, polymeric, hollow fiber membranes are being conducted for application to in-stream aeration. The hollow fibers are scaled on one end and connected to an oxygen...

Behavior of Unbonded Braces Restrained by Reinforced Concrete and FRP
A new composite steel brace called an unbonded brace (UB) is proposed to enhance the capacity of a steel brace to carry a compressive load of almost up to the yield strength of the steel...

An Evaluation of Fiberglass Pipe Made by Three Different Manufacturing Processes for use in Water Transmission Projects
Fiberglass pipe is made primarily using continuous filament wound process, discontinuous helical filament wound process, and centrifugal cast process. Some 40 countries around the world...





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