Effects of Simulated Ice on the Performance of Price Type-AA Current Meter Rotors
Slush ice readily adheres to the standard metal rotor of the winter Price type-AA current meter and affects the ability of the meter to measure the flow velocity accurately. Tests conducted...

The Use of Piezoelectric Film in Cavitation Research
A research program was conducted at the St. Anthony Falls Hydraulic Laboratory to investigate impulse pressures caused by the collapse of transient cavitation bubbles. The impulse pressures...

The Chemistry of MDF Materials

Performance Summary of the Tanque Verde Project-Geogrid Reinforced Soil Retaining Walls

Specification Needs for FRP Composite Products

Construction Use of Polyester Composite Using Recycled PET

Acoustic Emission Testing of Fiberglass Molded Grating

Concrete Beams with Externally Bonded Crabon Fiber Reinforced Plastic (CFRP) Strips

Hybrid Composite Beams: Analytical Modeling

The World's Longest Cable-stayed Foot-Bridge Using Fiber Reinforced Plastics

High Modulus Glass-ceramic Fiber Reinforced Composites for Currently Emerging Infrastructure Applications

FRP Research for Highway Applications in Florida

Use of Low Density Polyethylene to Modify Asphalt Mixtures

Detailing Effects in Anchors for FRP Prestressing Tendons

Graphite Prestressed Piles and Fiberglass Prestressed Pilecaps for U.S. Navy Pier at California

Development Length and Ultimate Strength of Fiberglass Pretensioned Beams

The Effect of Composite Reinforcement on Structural Wood

Concrete Columns Reinforced with Fiber Reinforced Plastic Rebars

Application of FRP Reinforcement in Structural Precast Concrete

Flexural Response of FRP Reinforced Concrete Structures





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