Managing Organic Polymer Water Treatment Sludge

Polymerization of Concrete Fights Cavitation
The techniques and materials used for the repair of concrete are many and varied. The repair at Dworshak Dam utilized epoxy resins, dry pack mortar, fibrous concrete and a new technique,...

Granular-Fill Dam Protected by PVC Membrane
The design and construction of the Minorca Tailings Basin Starter Dam sets a precedent for the use of plastic membrane for seepage control in the construction of earth fill dams where...

Polymer-Concrete Passes Toughest Test
Almost three years after a pour of polymer-concrete (PC), a full patch of a hole in New York City's Major Deegan Expressway shows no cracks and is adhering well to the original...

Polymer Shotcrete

Lubricant and Polymer Reduction of Sediment Adhesion

Concrete-Polymer Composites for Underwater Applications

Design of FRP Fluid Storage Vessels





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