Design and Performance of Buried Fiberglass Pipes — A New Perspective
The buried performance of fiberglass pipes was the subject of a comprehensive and multifaceted research program carried out in 1982 and 1983. Instrumentation, capable of accurately tracing...

On Creep and Relaxation of the Viscoelastic Materials

Fabric Forming for Underwater Concrete

Polymer Modified Glass Fiber Reinforced Cement (PGRC) as a Protective Buffer Coating over Thin Film Anti-Corrosion Coatings

Coalescence of Multiple Fatigue Cracks at a Notch

Sludge Conditioning and Particle Size Distribution

Fire and Chemical Resistant Fiberglass Structures

PAC and Polymer Aided Coagulation for THM Control

Performance Characteristics of Acrylate Polymer Grout

A Mini-Computer Approach to Composite Materials

Acoustic Emission Testing of FRP Pipe

Design and Construction of World's Tallest Free-standing Fiberglass Stack
The design, fabrication and erection procedures are discussed for a 170-ft free-standing fiberglass reinforced plastic exhaust stack-scrubber system. Advantages and disadvantages in the...

Structural Design of Buried Pipe

Flexibility of the Design of Fiberglass Pipe

Structural Design of Underground GRP Pipe

The Relationship Between the Stiffness of a GRP Pipe and its Performance When Installed

Strain Calculations for FRP Pressure Pipe

Composite Reinforced Fiber Glass Pipe

Report on the Development of a Close Range Photogrammetry (CRP) Educational Technician Program

On Relaxation Spectra in Hard Polymers





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