Bond Strength of Straight GFRP Rebars
An overview of a study on bond of straight Glass-fiber-reinforced-plastic (GFRP) rebars to concrete is presented. The 54 specimens to be tested include several variables, such as the mode...

Tests of Full-Size Pultruded FRP Grating Reinforced Concrete Bridge Decks
Results of tests of full-size concrete bridge deck slabs reinforced with commercially produced pultruded fiber-reinforced plastic (FRP) gratings are presented. The slabs were designed...

Splice/Development Length Requirements for FRP Grids Used in the Structural Reinforcement of Concrete
The research presented in this paper program was directed towards determining development length and splice requirements for FRP grids used in the reinforcement of concrete structures....

Nonprestressed and Prestressed FRP Sheets as External Reinforcement of Wood Members
The paper presents a summary of an analytical and experimental investigation of a new form of wood construction involving external bonding of thin fiber reinforced plastic (FRP) sheets...

Behavior of Urugua-I Dam
URUGUA-I with its 76 m height is one of the higher lean roller compacted concrete dams. The project includes some outstanding features like the very low cement content and a PVC membrane...

Remaining Technical Barriers to Obtain General Acceptance of Geosynthetics

Chemical Based Cement Grout System for Rock Grouting

Interface Friction of Polypropylene Straps

Evaluating Polymer Concrete Bridge Expansion Joints Using Acoustic Emission
This study is to simulate the acoustic emission (A/E) of polymer concrete bridge expansion joints subjected to controlled representative loads by a rotating test apparatus on a circular...

Application of EPS for Slide Correction

Reinforced Soil-Cement Embankment

Groundwater Recovery Program for Southern California
Under its new Groundwater Recovery Program (GRP), The Metropolitan Water District of Southern California will improve regional water supply reliability by providing financial assistance...

Compressive Strength and Characterization of Failure Modes for Polymer Concrete
The effect of aggregate type, polymer content and specimen dimensions on the compressive strength and failure modes of a polyester polymer concrete (PC) was investigated. Two aggregate...

Experimental and Theoretical Study of Flexural Behavior of Polymer Fiber Reinforced, Cement-Treated Soils

Engineering Properties of Acrylate Polymer Grout

Feasibility of FRP Molded Grating-Concrete Composites for One-Way Slab Systems
This paper describes the behavior of one-way concrete slabs reinforced with Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic (FRP) molded grating. FRP molded grating is commercially available and is mainly...

Creep and Recovery of a Pultruded FRP Frame

A New Dielectric Instrument for Statistical Process Control of RIM, SMC, and RTM Processes

Use of GFRP Rebar in Concrete Structures

Strength, Modulus of Elasticity, and Bond of Deformed FRP Rods





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