Time-Deflection Field Test of 120-cm Steel, Fiberglass, and Pretensioned Concrete Pipe

Damage Zone Evolution During Fatigue Crack Propagation in Aramid And Glass Fiber Reinforced Laminates

Bond of FRP Rods Embedded in Concrete

Damage Tolerance of Thin Composite Reinforced Membrane Structures
Structural performance of fiber reinforced flexible composite membranes, designed as pressurized shelters for space exploration, is investigated via computational simulation. An integrated...

Local Buckling of Pultruded FRP Beams: Theory and Experiment
A continuing experimental and theoretical investigation of the local compression flange buckling of commercially produced pultruded fiber-reinforced plastic (FRP) beams is briefly described...

Testing of Concrete Curtain Wall Panels Reinforced with FRP Grids
The objective of this paper is to evaluate the suitability of Fiber Reinforced Plastic (FRP) grids for use as a structural; reinforcement in concrete curtain wall panels. This paper describes...

Innovations in Glulam Timber Bridge Design

Anchorage of Non-Metallic Prestressing Tendons
Experimental confirmation tests were conducted to evaluate mechanical and epoxy socketed anchors for fiber reinforced plastic (FRP) prestressing tendons. The studies found that a parabolically...

Tests on Deep I-Shape Pultruded Beams

Flow Capacity of Rehabilitated Sanitary Sewers

Polymer Cement Composite - A Critical Review

New Directions for Cement-Based Materials

Chelating Composite Membrane: Its Application in Selective Heavy-Metal Solid-Phase Separation
Selective removal of small amounts of heavy metals from the background of large amounts of innocuous sludge or slurry is a challenging separation problem. Conventional fixed-bed sorption...

Colloidal Fouling of Reverse Osmosis Membranes
Experiments on the fouling of thin film composite and cellulose acetate reverse osmosis membranes by aluminum oxide colloids are reported. Fouling was significant at high ionic strengths,...

Effects of Molecular Oxygen and pH on the Adsorption of Aniline to Activated Carbon
This paper examines the influence of molecular oxygen and pH on the adsorption of aniline to F-300 Calgon Carbon. Molecular oxygen increased the adsorptive capacity of GAC for anilines...

Activated Carbon as a Catalyst for Polymerization of Phenolic Compounds
Previous studies by the principal investigator showed that the increase in the adsorptive capacity of activated carbon for phenolic compounds can be attributed to polymerization (oxidative...

Effects of Simulated Ice on the Performance of Price Type-AA Current Meter Rotors
Slush ice readily adheres to the standard metal rotor of the winter Price type-AA current meter and affects the ability of the meter to measure the flow velocity accurately. Tests conducted...

Specification Needs for FRP Composite Products

Construction Use of Polyester Composite Using Recycled PET

Acoustic Emission Testing of Fiberglass Molded Grating





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