Stiffness Requirements for HDPE, Profile Wall Pipe
For the past two years the Gulf Oil Corporation has sponsored a research study on profile wall High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) pipe at Texas A & M University. A pipe design computer...

Investigation of the Long-Term Creep Modulus for Buried Polyethylene Pipes Subjected to Constant Deflection
The tests reported in this paper are simulating the stress relaxation in constantly deflected pipe rings of various high density and medium density polyethylene grades. The pipe rings...

Large Diameter Polyethylene Profile-Wall Pipes in Sewer Application

Polyethylene Pipe Subjected to External Pressure

External Hydrostatic Loading of Polyethylene Pipe

Polyethylene Pipe Solutions to Sewer Outfalls
One of the primary concerns of the Chief of Naval Operations is to insure that environmental pollution standards are met in this country and abroad at those naval bases near oceans or...





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