Cost Effective Corrosion Mitigation

Deformation of HDPE Pipes Due to Ground Saturation

Installation Technique and Field Performance of HDPE, Profile Pipe

Hydraulic Analysis of an HDPE Water Supply Pipeline

Round Rock Dam, Outlet Works Modification

Construction Use of Polyester Composite Using Recycled PET

Use of Low Density Polyethylene to Modify Asphalt Mixtures

Practical Seepage Control in Existing Tunnels

Thermal Qualification Testing of Efficient Neutron Shield Materials

Sliplining: Design and Installation Considerations for Polyethylene Pipe
The design methodology and installation procedure for polyethylene slipline renewal are discussed. When designing there are two critical phases which must be considered: (1) short-term...

Permeation of Organic Chemicals Through HDPE Geomembranes

Bayou Crossing with Dual 18-Inch Diameter High-Density Polyethylene Pipes

Review of PIM (Pipeline Insertion Method) Technology
The U.S. Army Construction Engineering Research Laboratory (USACERL) conducted the first demonstration of PIM (Pipeline Insertion Method, formerly Pipe Insertion Machine) technology for...

Stress Relaxation Characteristics of the HDPE Pipe-Soil System
All piping materials and soils are subject to viscoelastic behavior such as stress relaxation and creep. The combination of soil and pipe viscoelastic properties determine the time-dependent...

Pipeline Design and Construction Using High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) Pipe
All pipelines and pipe materials must be designed and constructed to address the limitations of the pipe and fittings in order to insure acceptable performance of the line. Conventional...

Landfill Gas Pipe Selection and Installation
Sanitary landfills present a unique array of pipe selection and installation criteria when designing landfill gas (LFG) control and recovery systems. Factors that must be considered include...

Pneumatic Placement of Mill Tailings at 25 Tons/Hour

Additives May Improve Pavement Performance

Developing a Community Water System for Shishmaref, Alaska
This paper discusses a unique water supply system for the City of Shishmaref, a moderately sized Alaska Native community on Sarichef Island in the Chukchi Sea. A three million gallon reservoir...

The Evolution of a Factory Insulated Piping System
This paper reviews the developments over the past fifteen years in a factory insulated high density polyethylene piping system that has become a standard for sewage and water piping systems...





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