Liner Lessons
The County Sanitation Districts of Los Angeles County comprise 25 independent special districts that cover a service area of approximately 770 sq mi (1,990 km²). Since the early 1990s...

Evaluation of the Tensar Mesa Retaining Wall System
The Highway Innovative Technology Evaluation Center (HITEC), a service center of the Civil Engineering Research Foundation (CERF), serves as a clearinghouse for implementing highway innovation...

Sinking a Sewer Line
The design and construction of a sanitary sewer siphon using high density polyethylene (HDPE) pipe in San Juan, Puerto Rico, provided Black & Veatch with a challenging opportunity...

Recycled Composite Structures for Third-World Housing Applications

Case Studies of Nine Sewer Rehabilitation Projects with Deformed HDPE in San Diego

Sealing the Subway
Although work on the Los Angeles Metro subway is stopped for now, the project has introduced a number of innovations and advances to the American tunneling community, including the use...

Polyethylene Encasement of Buried Conduit

Water Line Splitting in Gainesville, Florida

Frictional Relationship of HDPE Liners and Steel Host Pipes

Heat Transfer in Thick Polyethylene Liners

Deformation Measurement of LIners During Buckling Tests

Design Guidelines for Directional Drilled PE Pipe

Seismic Isolation of Bridges Using Sliding Isolation Systems

1500 mm Corrugated HDPE Pipe Installation and Performance

High Density Polyethylene Pipe under High Fill: A Continuing Study

Greenville Installs 1st 1.5m Annular CPE Pipe in the USA

Utilizing Directional Drilling Techniques to Install Underwater Watermain

Medium Span Gravity Sewer Aerial Crossings

Performance of an Interim Cover at a Mixed Waste Site

Examination of Performance of a Geomembrane Landfill Cover





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